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The silence of the spams

Last week, it seemed that every organisation in the world was bent on invading our inboxes with emails that mostly resembled desperate attempts to reconnect from disparaged ex-partners. This week, the silence is deafening. Long may that continue.

We've always taken data protection seriously, and we're proud that this monthly mailing list is now completely GDPR compliant. So if you're reading this then you've either opted in to receive our newsletters, or have shown a legitimate interest in DMS. Go you!

That said, we like to think that we spend days writing interesting music-related articles each month to share with an appreciative group of like-minded people. So if you're reading this feeling slightly bitter that you didn't manage to purge every last drop of human contact from your mailbox last week after all, this next bit's for you.

Below are two options, no doubt you know the drill by now. No hard feelings if you leave, you're welcome back no questions asked any time. If you do nothing at all, we'll continue to send you monthly newsletters until your consent expires. If you're digging our articles, please feel free to reset the clock of consent.
'You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all we're offering is the truth.' - Morpheus
This month's featured stories
For the record - The do's and don'ts of releasing your debut album
CD or not CD? A case study written in defence of the compact disc
Making a difference - Preserving the creative heart of a community
Pressing of the month: our attention turns to the label Ghostbox
The sky's the limit - DMS are expanding our operations

Planning your debut release?

For so many acts, recording the first album is such an all-consuming mission that what comes next is often not considered until very late in the game. Once the attention turns, it's quickly realised that there are so many different avenues and angles to consider, and so many potential pitfalls to avoid. It can be a minefield, so we've put our combined experience to good use and produced an article full of tips and tricks to help artists achieve a successful first major release.
DMS is home to many touring musicians and party promoters, so each month we put our heads together to bring you a series of articles with a focus on supporting emerging talent in finding new opportunities to grow. This latest post is packed with what we collectively deem to be valuable information for soon-to-be releasing artists, much of which we wish we'd been told long before our first releases, or even our second, and third...

CD or not CD? That's the question

The gramophone disc is dead, long live the vinyl record! The vinyl record is dead, long live the CD! The CD is dead, long live the tape cassette revival! Tape ca-what?! No way, mister/sister! Too far.
Suffice to say, the quest for the perfect means of listening to recorded music has been an infinite one, peppered with lofty, spurious claims at each turn. But the truth, to some, is that we (almost) reached a pinnacle with the now universally-shunned compact disc. So how did the beleaguered CD become so unfashionable? 
On a side note, even though we've been getting down with the kids and throwing the name DMS Vinyl around like we're all hip, we very much do still press CDs and DVDs too.  #justsaying
DMS x Awesome Competition

Helping creatives to help themselves

We’re proud to support local educational projects, creative community ventures and grassroots music venues. For us, Maker Heights ticks all of those boxes, providing affordable studios, music spaces and workshops for local artists and creatives. We recently pledged £30k to help preserve and protect such a significant site, and with it the abundance of public benefits that it provides to the Southwest.
Over the years Maker has produced some incredibly successful touring bands and a wealth of talented artists and musicians. From festivals and monthly live events hosting acclaimed touring artists, to youth music workshops and open mic nights with internationally renowned local musicians, Maker has been the centre of it all for a long time. It's a truly special place, and a community asset well worthy of protecting from exploitation by private property developers.
Just one of the two dozen music and arts studios housed within the Barrack block at Maker Heights.

Pressing of the Month

The fifth studio album in the ever-evolving audio adventure that is The Advisory Circle dropped onto the shelves last week. A beautiful and uplifting selection of soft and dreamy electronic compositions, Jon Brooks unfolds an affectionate and absorbing hauntological study based around the theme of photography for his nostalgic fellows.

Where previous transmissions have been guided by prevailing to kosmiche whims and darker shades, Ways of Seeing arguably comes from a school of ‘80s inspirations; from the typography to the collaged snapshots and the beautifully poignant music itself.

"Clad in some of the finest Julian House artwork to appear in the label’s 14 years so far, this is one instance where you can truly judge the record by its sleeve: It’s 24 carat synthy gold."

DMS Vinyl on Instagram
Ghost Box is the record label home of a group of artists exploring the misremembered musical history of a parallel world; a world of TV soundtracks, vintage electronics, folk song, psychedelia, ghostly pop, supernatural stories and folklore.

Our operations are expanding!

Throughout June, we'll be on the hunt for candidates to fill a creative role in account management in our hometown of sunny Plymouth. Key responsibilities include managing incoming orders, looking after a portfolio of assigned clients and actively seeking and developing new growth opportunities.

This is opportunity for a switched on and business savvy musician or creative to get further involved in the music industry, while working as an integral part of a down-to-earth team with a forward-thinking business ethos. Interested? Know someone that is? Please follow the link below and get in touch.

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