Oh yes, more Brexit talk. We all know what a confusing mess this is, but with Boris Johnson's Halloween surprise moving ever-closer, we'd like to make some promises to you fine people across the UK, Europe and the rest of this very much spherical planet.
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Brexit means? Business as usual!
Oh yes, more Brexit talk. We all know what a confusing mess this is, but with Boris Johnson's Halloween surprise moving ever-closer, we'd like to make some promises to you fine people across the UK, Europe and the rest of this very much spherical planet. There are so many unanswered questions; until politicians sort themselves out and provide some clarity to the situation, we can only guess what might happen. Whatever the case though, our team are as prepared as can be, which means you can continue to operate with the utmost confidence that your orders will arrive as planned. Our pledge to you:
  • Guaranteed no changes in customs tariffs payable by clients for all orders placed prior to final Brexit announcements by the UK & EU.
  • No double VAT payments; EU deliveries will ship from within the EU.
  • Outside the EU/EEA, Brexit will not cause any changes to our services.
  • DMS will take care of any additional shipping paperwork required.
  • UK clients may initially experience a few days additional delay in delivery of finished records, but we expect only a temporary backlog.
  • All clients can continue to make payments in GBP, EUR or USD.
Planning a pre-Christmas release?
Not wanting to bring up Christmas in October, but it's for a great reason. We still have the capacity to turn vinyl orders around before the holiday madness ensues! So if you have this year's Christmas Number 1 up your sleeve, now is the time to let us know and get booked in for production.
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XR protests may cause minor city delays
We stand in solidarity with Extinction Rebellion over government inaction in the face of an impending global climate crisis. As an organisation, we play an active role in the protection of our environment, but we still do rely on trucks to deliver your goods to your doorsteps. This week, some deliveries to affected areas of the capital may experience minor delays.
We apologise in advance, please get in touch with any specific concerns.
~ This month's featured stories ~
Above: Brexit means? Business as usual. Our pledge to you
Ziiing! Introducing the latest vinyl colour effects on the market
Fighting back: Music Venue Trust makes waves in our Ocean City
The Vinyl Revival: A film about why the tables are turning once again
The Unsigned Guide reveal all - How to submit tracks to the industry

Ziiing! Fresh vinyl colour effects...

Our range of vinyl effects just had another fresh injection of colour! With 16 different colour effect options now to choose from, plus a multitude of viable combinations, your upcoming releases have never had so much visual potential...
For your convenience, we've linked our interactive vinyl colour and effect charts below, updated to reflect the newest options available today. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.

Fightback Plymouth: Making waves

For a fortnight throughout September, the remaining few dozen venues across Plymouth hosted 100+ shows under the banner of Fightback Plymouth. This celebration of creative community and culture was funded by the local city council who, hoping to better understand and support a music scene very much on its knees, enlisted the Music Venue Trust to research, mediate and report.
Whichever way you look at it, Fightback Plymouth was undoubtedly a success. New crowds flocked to venues they hadn't known existed, and serious panel discussions were held around long-standing issues, and more importantly what can be done to overcome them. In the background, the MVT conducted surveys to discover the opinions and habits of gig-goers, and their perceptions of the issues at hand.

Crucially, for what seems like the first time in generations, Plymouth City Council engaged with their venues, promoters and bands in a positive manner. Rebuilding a bridge after the foundations have all but washed away is never going to be an easy feat, but progress can be made if there is a willingness from both sides to work together in a constructive manner. We sincerely hope that our councillors heed, and act upon, the advice soon to be presented within MVT's final report.
The heavyweight panel discussion on the trials and tribulations of sustaining venues in the Southwest.

Why the tables are turning again...

“The Vinyl Revival” is an independent documentary that follows on from the acclaimed “Last Shop Standing” and directed and produced again by Pip Piper. Based on Graham Jones' book of a similar title, the film spotlights passionate musicians, record shop owners, industry pundits and experts on music history and culture.

The Vinyl Revival explores the renaissance in all things vinyl, discussing the importance of the record shop and vinyl as a whole. The film answers the why’s of vinyl’s revival, the human need for belonging, the love of history, and the stories of how the humble little record shop has shaped so many lives. It was a pleasure to be part of this film, and produce the accompanying 7" record released alongside it. Check out future screening dates, or the trailer below...
The Vinyl Revival film

Emerging Artist Series x Unsigned Guide

As part of our regular offering to the unsigned music community, we've teamed up with our friends at The Unsigned Guide to offer the best practical advice and outline the pitfalls to avoid when submitting your tracks to the music industry. Where do you go when you've finished that track you've been chipping away at for months? A good starting point would be the whole host of blogs, magazines and radio stations that love hearing from new, emerging talent.
The Unsigned Guide reports...


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